Rachana, a mother of a child with special needs
started Chiranthana, 12 years ago.

Coming from a corporate background, she developed life skills modules using theater as an intervention tool and has trained more than 20000 children and youth so far. From content development to socio emotional learning and various therapies, her work extended to urban and rural areas, both with typical and atypical children. Graduating from spastics society of Karnataka, she has worked with Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy dyslexia and other difficulties.


Building human capabilities among people with special needs to empower them for functional and happy living


(6TO 12)

(AGES 12 TO 16)



Worked with more than 500 children and youth with special needs (autism, Down syndrome, dyslexia, cerebral palsy among a few to name) and have worked on fine and gross motor skills, language development and socio emotional learning.

Worked with adults with Down syndrome and have trained children and youth on drama as a therapeutic tool.Been a speaker at the All India Down Syndrome Federation and have addressed more than 1000 parents of children with Down syndrome and taught them therapeutic tools to overcome disabilities.

Worked with students from rural areas on professional readiness, expressive language enhancement, confidence building and other key skills.


Just Before You Reach The Stars

You have been the chosen one!
Chosen ones are cornered,
inflicted in life’s threshing chamber,


Dr. Surekha Ramachandran (President – Down syndrome federation of India)

I would like to express my appreciation for Ms. Rachana Prasad, the drama therapist who with her innovative style and patient demeanor was able to interest our children in the dramatic arts at the annual Down syndrome meet for..

Suresh Heblikar Film maker, Writer, Environmentalist

Chiranthana has been doing a great job in empowering children by sensitizing them towards social causes. Using theater as one of the tools is an added advantage because it works on the holistic development of a child.

Sneha Parent of a mother with special child

Perfection, great execution and commitment is what this group is all about! My child has immensely benefitted from Chiranthana’s intervention programs. They are very creative and make learning an enjoyable experience.

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