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(6 TO 12)

Reading, Writing, and Numeracy Skills

Individual lesson plans and customized activity based learning.

Physio / Speech / O T / Sensory Integration

Life skills like:

  • Personal hygiene
  • Self awareness
  • Confidence building
  • Communication skills
  • Theater skills

Using technology for enhanced learning Gross and fine motor learning.

(AGES 12 TO 16)

Reading, Writing, and Numeracy Skills

Computer education

  • Introduction to computers
  • Data Entry

NIOS - secondary level training

Career counselling

Life skills

  • Theater
  • Physio / Speech / Yoga
  • Sex Education


Reading, Writing, and Numeracy Skills

Computer education

  • Introduction to computers
  • Data Entry

NIOS - Sr. Secondary training

Vocational training and creating job opportunities

Life skills

  • Theater
  • Sex education



Goal Setting

Educable and non-Educable categories (NIOS and Vocational)

Breakdown objectives and lesson plans into feasible and progressive steps to facilitate progress and learning

Select, develop and use a wide range of resources to meet the various needs of all students

Execution and constant feedback mechanism

Helping Hand

Helping Hand

Watch and Learn

Watch and Learn

Teaching Social Skills

Teaching Social Skills

Artisanship Training and employment for People with Special Needs (18 +)

Chiranthana launched its dream project on World Disabilities Day, in collaboration with ONGC Foundation. The event was held at Indian Institute of World Culture, Bengaluru. It was the launch of artisanship training and employment of people with special needs. Honourable Education Minister Shri. BC Nagesh and Shri. Kiran DM CEO of ONGC Foundation graced the function.

Artisanship 1

Our Initiative with vocational skills and employment

During Deepavali, our young artisans with special needs produced sets of colourful diyas. These are the baby steps we are taking towards employing people with special needs. ONGC wholeheartedly supported by placing and order for 220 diyas. One could see 30 smiling faces who felt elated that their effort paid off.

Our budding artisans have learnt to create colourful designs on Stoles, Plates, Purses, Potlis, Book markers etc.

Block printing: We have created many wooden blocks and are creating designs on stoles, duppattas, bags, kurtis, potli bags, pouches etc. Our range of stoles vary from elegant handloom wear to smart, casual wear

Plates: Hand painted terracotta plates with intricate designs have been created by our students. This can be used either as a table top or on walls

Candle holders: To adorn the corners of one’s home, our artists have created wonderful candle holders, both in traditional and contemporary designs.

Note books/Diaries – Who doesn’t like to carry a classy notebook /Diary for meetings? Our students do screen/block print on the cover page and create wonderful looking diaries for you

Glass art – We are into creating niche glass art products, ranging from wind chimes to chandeliers to wall arts.

This has generated employment opportunities which has been evidently proved at our first ever stall in Ragi Kana. Our people with different needs actively participated in the selling and billing process. This was the efforts of artisans who are already two months into employment with us. The exhibition helped our wards learn another new perspective in life “Business matters”

Rural Centre, Gubbi

Chiranthana operates from a “Model Center” at Block Resource Center in Gubbi along with 5 school readiness centers at   different clusters of Gubbi _ GMHPS Cheluru, Hosakere, Kadaba, Nitturu & C S Pura.

Our IEP includes a description of a student’s current level of performance, information on how his or her disability influences performance, and details needed adaptations and accommodations. We identify the settings in which the student will receive instruction in the least restrictive environment, the learning goals and objectives that will be addressed within a targeted year, behaviour management plan (if needed), transportation needs, and related services.

Education & rehabilitation (age 6 years onwards) – Classes in basic reading, writing and numeracy to 100 + students. Children with special needs who go to regular schools come to our center twice a week for remedial sessions. We prepare them for school and given them that extra ‘cushioning’ required for mainstreaming. Listening and Speaking skills are also imparted through demonstrations. Storytelling and life skills are also part of curriculum

Basic Computer education is also imparted. Children are trained on computer skills, from scratch. From identifying the parts of computer to office functions and advanced programs, we think computer education is a key in today’s world and a lot of emphasis is given to this.

We have around 37 hearing impaired children (19 boys and 18 girls) (20 from Vaani Deaf Children Foundation) who are assessed and then activities are designed and taught in separate classroom at our Model center. Chiranthana works in the capacity of implementation partners with Vaani Deaf.

Physiotherapy has been provided to more than 81 (47 boys & 37 girls) children at various locations.

We visit various schools to identify children with special needs and provide necessary support. So far, we have visited 36 clusters with 171 schools in which around 320 children are studying. 79 are intellectually disabled (44 boys and 35 girls) who were included in our school readiness programme.

Children with cerebral palsy find it difficult to visit our centre and therefore we visit their homes and provide support. So far more than 150 home visits have been completed and 41 children have been benefitted (25 boys & 15 girls). 6 children with Dwarfism have been supported with 2 of them have been referred to St.John’s hospital for physiotherapy.

Under our Sensory Integration program, we use various mediums to bring in the required sensory inputs to children with challenges.  Our activities to help the child appropriately respond to light, sound, touch, smells, and other input has had positive results.

gubbi 1
Gubbi 2
gubbi 3
  • Theatre
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Coding
  • Social Skills
  • Maths and Money Concepts
  • Life Skills Training Program


HTBF is a registered non-profit organization, registered in Chennai, that awards merit-cum-means scholarship for pursuing Graduation / Post[1]graduation courses in reputed/recognized colleges in India for Visually Impaired persons, providing skill development training (EMET – Education, Mobility, Employability Training) to selected visually impaired students and enabling them to look for jobs.

Chiranthana’s Art Courtyard Productions was approached by HTBF to train its students for personality development courses for 1 year. ACY came up with a comprehensive year-long program comprising of :

  1. Sensory integration using theatre
  2. Voice modulation techniques
  3. Socioemotional skills
  4. Self-awareness
  5. Leadership skills
  6. Build your brand
  7. Be an effective trainer
  8. Creative thinking
  9. Podcast
  10. Film making
  11. Communication skills
  12. Job readiness and interview skills
  13. Interpersonal skills


  • Art Courtyard created a huge impact through this program.
  • 200 + students were trained on the above courses.
  • More than 50 students procured jobs
  • Students communicate more confidently, have taken part in podcasts and competitions.
  • They are also acting in a movie through our filmmaking course.

Our Collaboration Partner

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