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Just Before You Reach The Stars

Just Before You Reach The Stars

You have been the chosen one!
Chosen ones are cornered,
inflicted in life’s threshing chamber,
preparing you to reach the stars.

The soul is tormented, tortured ..
Sleep eludes them,
a constant nagging worm,
chagrins the mind,

A demonic cloud suck
out their life source,
leaving them in the abyss , listless!
the Almighty rectifying mistakes!

Correcting his masterpiece,
rearranging the pieces of puzzle.
revamping the piece of art work,
which he messed up.
You are You… Your life, your fate,
Your existence designed by Nature,
Your core elements drawn out from
the amphora’s of Time…

The Master in the fit of the moment erred,
The Best version of You…
he put together YOUR broken pieces
– so you may reach the stars.

Copyright @ Grace SithaRaman

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