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Republic Day Special

To my shock and dismay, we were refused the slot for 20 minutes and instead, were offered a 5-minute one, as the authorities decided to keep it simple that morning, so that they could prep themselves up for the exciting DJ night. I outrightly refused the offer, but this left me thinking about the prevailing […]

What does inclusion mean to a mother of a special needs child?

Parents of children with developmental problems bear a lot of stress. A mother burnout is a common phenomenon, thanks to our patriarchal setup, where the sole responsibility of catering to a special needs child or even a neurotypical child rests majorly with the mother, 8 out of 10 times. The result is mother burnout! Sometimes, […]

Of Lemons & Lemonades

Parenting is no easy job, that too when you have a child with special needs. It is extra hard for plenty of reasons, but trust me; it is extremely rewarding. Sometimes you wonder where the rewards are, I would say, just dive deep down into your heart and answers will be right there for you […]

Discover New Horizons

I dedicate this article to all the lovely parents of children with special needs. Special needs include medical conditions, developmental delays, psychiatric conditions, physical impairments, and genetic disorders. Every parent goes through their bouts of victories and challenges, good days and bad days, rights and wrongs, to-dos and not to-dos while bringing up these children. […]