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Elementary Level

(Ages 6 to 12)

Reading, Writing, and Numeracy Skills

Individual lesson plans and customized activity-based learning.

Physio / Speech / O T / Sensory Integration

Life skills like:

  • Personal hygiene
  • Self-awareness
  • Confidence building
  • Communication skills
  • Theater skills


Using technology for enhanced learning Gross and fine motor learning.

Secondary Level

(Ages 12 to 16)

Reading, Writing, and Numeracy Skills

Computer education

  • Introduction to computers
  • Data Entry


NIOS – secondary level training

Career counselling

Life skills

  • Theater
  • Physio / Speech / Yoga
  • Sex Education

Senior Secondary Levels

(Ages 16 and Above)

Reading, Writing, and Numeracy Skills

Computer education

  • Introduction to computers
  • Data Entry


NIOS – Sr. Secondary training

Vocational training and creating job opportunities

Life skills

  • Theater
  • Sex education

Rural Intervention

Rural Centre, Gubbi

Chiranthana operates from a “Model Center” at Block Resource Center in Gubbi along with 5 school readiness centers at different clusters of Gubbi _ GMHPS Cheluru, Hosakere, Kadaba, Nitturu & C S Pura.


Chiranthana provides Physio therapy sessions to people with special needs at the model center at Gubbi. These sessions are a part of the Rehabilitation program run by Chiranthana. Through these physiotherapy sessions we are able to impact the most remote corners of Gubbi taluk.

Physiotherapy is used as a mode of intervention to help improve conditions of a child that is a result of causes beyond the control of the child or his caregivers. The physiotherapist works on a range of functional abilities such as co-ordination and development of physical skills and motor abilities.

We have also established a physio station at our Bangalore center with various equipment’s meant to help the people with special needs.


Chiranthana is committed to work towards improving the lives of people with special needs. We provide Artisanship training to people with special needs and are also employing them after a training period of two months as per their skill sets. People with autism are good at sequencing, patterns and are therefore more suitable to jobs with repetitive patterns likewise, People with down syndrome can get very creative with their hands. Based on the assessment of their skill sets and their inclination, we train people with special needs for jobs. We are also helping the caregivers of people with special needs by employing them to make products.

We are impacting the lives of more than 30 people through this programme. We have trained the mothers of people with special needs in making macrame products and they have also been trained in tailoring. This employment opportunity has given confidence and has provided the caregivers of people with special needs with the necessary support. This has helped empower women in Gubbi.

Art Courtyard - Chiranthana's Unique Initiative to Nurture and Enhance Artistic Interests among people with disabilities

Building a better world for and with people with special needs